Some of the talks, panel discussions and workshops I’ve been at [links to recorded talks, articles to come!]

(upcoming) November 2020 – with REST4ALL – Workshop on Environmental Policy & Governance: a Systems Change Approach

(upcoming) Indo Data Week 2020 – I’ll be mentoring/enabling/facilitating at the Hackathon For Good!

Indo Data Week 2020 – Moderated a panel discussion on Data and AI for the Food-Energy-Water Nexus

TEDxSusMafia 2020 – Workshop on the proposed Draft Environmental Impact Assessment 2020

ZUBI LETCON 2020 – Keynote on The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society. [video]

Christ University, Bangalore 2019 – Talk on Information Technology & Sustainability

Christ University, Bangalore 2019 – Talk on Digitization & Sustainability

Indo Data Week 2019 – Startup Masterclass on Business Models for Sustainability Challenges

Indo Data Week 2019 – Keynote on Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship & Technology.